Applaws 慕斯系列 三文魚 貓罐頭 70g


貨號: applaws-慕斯系列-三文魚-貓罐頭-70g 分類:




每次你打開Applaws貓罐頭,你可以立即看到它的成分。沒有其他的添加 – 沒有色素,沒有調味劑或維生素


Applaws 100%全天然,是貓隻的營養補充食品,与Applaws乾糧一起餵養,可保持飲食營養均衡。

  1. 美味、柔軟的三文魚慕斯,質地輕盈,是貓貓喜歡的口感
  2. 由天然成分製作成
  3. 美味且易於消化
  4. 無穀物,無麩質

Applaws Cat is great for your pets nutrition


Every time you open a tin of Applaws, you can instantly see what sets it apart. Nothing else is added – there are no hidden colourings, no flavourings or vitamin packs.

Natural Declaration

100% Natural, Applaws is a complementary pet food for adult cats, feed alongside a complete wet or dry cat food including Applaws complete dry cat food, for a balanced diet.

  1. Tasty, soft salmon Mousse offers a lighter texture that cats will love
  2. Made with natural ingredients
  3. Highly palatable and easy to digest
  4. Grain and Gluten free


Ingredients 成分


Salmon 44%, Sunflower Oil 1.6%, Vegetable Gelling Agent, Red Pepper Extract



Crude Proteins 粗蛋白質(min)(最少) 10%
Crude Fats 粗脂肪(最少) 2.5%
Crude Fibre 粗纖維素(max)(最多) 0.5%
Moisture 水份(max)(最多) 86%
Ash 灰質(max)(最多) 1.0%


Directions for Use使用方法

Cat Size Tin
Upto 3kg 1
3 – 5kg 2
5kg+ 3